Remembering the Spanish Conflict - Catalan in the El-Classico Duel

In the next few days, the football public will be treated to an interesting spectacle in Real Madrid’s duel against Barcelona. The duel of two teams from Spain is always a spectacle worthy of football lovers, because it will show the prestige, skills, tactics, squads or individuals. Apart from football, it has been proven that there are historical and political elements that have made this even more interesting to observe.

The dispute between Real Madrid and Barcelona is a change in the arena of political sacrifice in the format of soccer. Its history can be re-examined in the history of the Spanish civil war or before.

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KEEP CALM and SPEAK CATALAN neix l’any 2012 com a resposta als qui qüestionen el model educatiu català.

S’inspira dentro del cartell “Keep cal and bear on” que el govern britànic virtual assistant realitzar per alçar la moral en cas d’una invasió a la 2a Guerra mundial.

Productes en Terra es converteix en la botiga oficial i exclusiva del merxandatge d’aquesta iniciativa.