The poster ‘Keep Calm and Speak Catalan’ was created by Josep Maria Ganyet, knowledgeable in digital communication, so as to protest against the draft law planned by the Spanish Minister of Education that puts in danger the college model of linguistic immersion in use in Catalonia since the top of Franco’s dictatorship. The poster, in its origin a tweet, came from the fields of social media and reached Congress as a logo of nonviolent resistance directed at those getting to alter the Catalan school model. It refers to the historical poster ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, which conjointly became one of the foremost wide unfold pop icons.

KEEP CALM and SPEAK CATALAN neix l’any 2012 com a resposta als qui qüestionen el model educatiu català.

S’inspira dentro del cartell “Keep cal and bear on” que el govern britànic virtual assistant realitzar per alçar la moral en cas d’una invasió a la 2a Guerra mundial.

Productes en Terra es converteix en la botiga oficial i exclusiva del merxandatge d’aquesta iniciativa.